Wednesday, May 12, 2010

cat lady.

It's been an ongoing joke among our group of friends that C-Mac is going to grow up to be an unmarried old lady with cats. It spawns from her irrational fear that this actually might happen to her.
It was so fun throughout college to get her birthday cards with this theme. . .ohh those were the days.

I really wish we could take back that Longchamp we got her for her birthday two weeks ago, and replace it with this Crazy Cat Lady Game from Fred Flare! HOW appropriate?! And the description of the game is just perfect: "If you can’t live without all your kitties, this is the game for you. The more cats you collect during the game, the closer you are to winning!"

Or how about this Crazy Cat Lady action figure?? The resemblence to C-Mac is uncanny!




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