Friday, May 7, 2010

Genie in a bottle.

So all week, R has repetatively reminded me that I need to post something. Not only has she told me that I need to post, but has even gone as far as to giving me hints on WHAT I should post. I had to kindly let her down by informing her that I really haven't felt well all week (thanks to C-Mac's birthday weekend), and would be back in the swing of things come Monday.

While that wasn't a complete lie (I really have not been the same person since last Friday when R arrived in NYC and we immediately fled to the nearest bar), I did have some spare time in me, and probs could have exerted my energy towards COTPG. Instead, I spent the majority of the week with my new friend, The Akinator. The man is a genius (seriously). Pick any character (movie, tv, commercial, etc) and answer The Akinator's questions, keeping your character in mind. First I chose Gaga. Dumb. Obviously he would guess that one. Then I tried a few trickier ones. He got them every time! Everything from Wendy (yes, from the fast-food chain), to Mr. Clean, to Alex Mack!

And just as a disclaimer, don't pick people that the majority of the general public don't know. HLR thought she was SOOOOO smart and would try and stump the Akinator (which she obviously did, because when she informed me that she was thinking of Cacee Codd and H.R. Pufnstuf I immediately understood why The Akinator couldn't quite figure out what was going through HLR's head).

Give it a try, and don't be a downer like you know who! The Akinator really is a genius.



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