Tuesday, May 4, 2010


In preparation for this past weekend, C went to Saks approximately 3 times a day (during work). Whether it be picking up C-Mac's present (a HOT pink Longchamp!), buying a new dress or shoes, to walk around, or simply walk in and walk out to just say she went to Saks (let's be honest, this might have happened), C was there far too often last week. It felt like every time I was on gchat, she'd say:

C: brb going to saks

Thank goodness Gmail saves your chats, because I have proof. Excerpts from our conversations the past week:

C: im going to see if they have it at saks today

C: i hope they have it there [Saks]. im going to run over there now actually. ill be back in like 45 minutes ha

C: yah saks has it right now

C: ok im going to run to saks and h&m and grab lunch! ill be back

C: oooo we could do it with friends and family at saks!

C: blah do i go to saks or no!

C: SO im just going to do the 20% at saks for the bag

C: ugh im REALLY hoping saks has this jacket because i kinda really want it now

C: i really need to go to the ATM and saks before that though

C: ok im going to really quickly run to the ATM then saks to get c-mac's bag and stuff

C: i want to get tons of other stuff but they wouldnt let me open the saks card for credit reasons that they "can't tell me"

C: i dont even know where to go to look for a dress. i hate having to trek downtown and i hate saks

Famous last words.



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