Friday, May 28, 2010

Dewey or Don't We?

Whoop whoop! Today officially kicks off the start of summer, and a much needed 3 day weekend at the beach! J and I are headed down to Dewey Beach to spend the weekend with HLR (amongst MANY other college friends). HLR convinced us to come down last Labor Day weekend, and naturally, we had a blast, and were easily persuaded to repeat the trip.

Before the last trip down to the loooovely beaches of Delaware, I had never experienced a REAL Dewey Beach weekend (I had been there with my family...which let me tell you, was the polar oposite of the Dewey that everyone else knows and loves). "Dewey Beach, A Way of Life," as stated in the Wikipedia article that has been HLR's gchat status for 80% of the week, is quite frankly, a shit show.

HHS sent us an email last year, that had been composed by one of her co-workers, to prep us for our trip. A"usual Dewey weekend" :

Okay so here is how your weekend should go, we usually follow this pattern as close as we can, and I’ve never had a bad time:

Friday night:

Drive up, wearing what you will go out in, throw your bags down, and head to Rusty Rudder. Orange Crushes (drink) and live bands, it’s awesome.


Wake up, go to the beach, get lunch at Gary’s Dewey Beach Grill. Get the Turkey Cheesesteak, they are really good, and not greasy or gross.

Enjoy more beach.

Jam Session starts at 5 at Bottle N Cork. 3 live bands, one per hour, for 3 hours, then they do it all again. Get there early cause the line is ridiculously long. $10 cover, drink can beers and toss them on the ground and crush em when you’re done.

Then, depending on who’s playing where, go back to Rudder or Northbeach. Both will be fun.

Sunday a.k.a. Sunday Bloody Sunday a.k.a Sunday Funday:

Best day of the year. Wake up EARLY, like 8ish. Head to Starboard before 9ish to get in line. Get breakfast there, everything is good. Then drink Orange Crush’s and Bullsharks all morning till about 1 pm. Either do beach or nap, then go to Jam Session AGAIN! at 5 pm at Bottle N Cork.

Sunday night, again depending on who is playing, go to either Rudder, Northbeach, or possibly Lighthouse, but lighthouse does not have live music playing ever.

Monday: Wake up and drive back to MD, happy from a great weekend and sad that you’re leaving!

P.S. At some point, if you are looking for a good place to eat dinner, Grotto’s Pizza has really good pizza, and you can get fishbowls and beer towers there, which are all great!

Now, while I am not heading back to MD, the majority of this itinerary holds true. It truly is just a binge fest, and all of my co-workers have informed me that they will be surprised if I come back on Tuesday without a completely fried nose, and a voice that doesn't remotely resemble that of a 75 year old chain smoker.

If you still don't understand the ridiculousness of this place, please refer to the article that HLR has had as her gchat status for the latter 20% of the week, "Dewey Beach: Grownups Gone Wild."

Wish me luck!



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