Wednesday, January 19, 2011

V Day 2011

This love-filled (or lonely, teary-eyed, single girl filled) holiday is quickly approaching. (Just a disclaimer: I am not one of those previously mentioned girls. I enjoy this holiday even though I may be spending it with a table of single girls).

While one might think that Valentine's Day themed clothing was for kids under the age of 7 and elementary school teachers, (with the exception of pajamas which I think people should own themed for every holiday), some designers have a full line up for your upcoming day of love!

Lilly P for the day with the Sweetheart Sweater:

And again for dinner in the Shauna Tunic,

And once again, Tory B has created another cozy gem with this Pajama Set Valentine Combo that you can throw on when you get home...

And then perhaps take off and surprise your special someone with this Mini Hearts Lace Ruffle number:

Just a thought. OR, if you're the previously mentioned sad, lonely, depressed type on this holiday, just rock the all black look. Maybe someone will feel bad for you and take you out to dinner....



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