Monday, January 24, 2011

Living in Siberia.

Ok. I know that R lives in Chi town where it gets to this absurd temperatures all winter, but I did not sign up for this. It is literally freezing outside. This Saturday I did the unthinkable and opened my blinds (I'm starting to think I live in a cave because I realized I had not fully opened them in over a month), only to find that not only is my window sill FILTHY with dust, but my window handles were covered in a lovely layer of ICE (see above). That's right. A solid layer of ice covering the entire handle of my window. Those are my finger prints. I touched it repeatidly because I was in utter disbelief that the inside of my bedroom was cold enough to produce a frost of that sort.

R, I bet your windows don't even get that cold!
And to make matters worse, the heat is not on in half of our office. Conveniently it is my half of the office. Every time someone walks by my desk, they announce "wow, it's so cold over here" or, "oh man, its so much colder on this side of the office." No shit, I can't feel my appendages and I have two pashminas wrapped around me.

Oh, and it is going to snow/rain for the next couple of days, AGAIN. Time to crank the heat and bundle up. I'm bringing a blanket to work for the rest of the week.



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