Thursday, January 20, 2011

hitting the slopes in style. part deux.

So I dreamt about owning my own pair of designer skis for last years trip to Deer Valley (pictured again above in case you forgot how awesome they are). "How impractical!" I think when I look back at it! I mean honestly, I hadn't skiied in 8 years...why did I think it was at all realistic to think that Chanel skis were practical?!

All joking aside (No, I was not even remotely considering purchasing those skis. They are cool though, aren't they?), it turns out there apparently ARE ways to hit the slopes in style without breaking the bank!

CK Bradley has put away these preppy prints, and is introducing a ski wear line! Apres by CK Bradley is a retro meets preppy CK Bradley line for the slopes. Some of the pieces that have been shared on her blog:

I am absolutely obsessed with this Pom Pom Hat! Has a little bit more of her preppy flare to them!

And the Mogul Masher Vest. Perhaps to wear on AND off the slopes?

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Hot Dog Bib. Seriously. It reminds me of me pink one-piece ski suit I wore as a kid. And it looks so much more comfortable than the heinous baggy ski pants that sinch at the waist. Great alternative!

The whole look...

One of my biggest fears while skiing is that I am going to lose someone. Or worse, they are going to lose me. I'm pretty sure this line would help me overcome that fear!

I leave for Deer Valley in less than a month. How quickly can CK Bradley get Apres to launch? It would be very kind of her if she did it in the next week or so. If not, back to my North Face and baggy ski pants.



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  1. I think we may just be able to Apres you for Deer Valley!

    Go to and place an order...we only have hats n' T's in stock now, but will be shipping ski suits beginning in Feb...oh to make the slopes brighter, happier and sexier.