Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the 5 month apartment makeover.

Seriously, I think when all is said and done, it will have taken us 5 months to fully move into our apartment. But in reality, money doesn't grow on trees (no matter how much I wish for it to), and I have been trying to be careful about what I spend my dolla dolla billz on.

R speaks the truth. I do live in a rather large apartment (relatively speaking since NYC produces shoe boxes as living spaces). And since we came from a much smaller space, we literally have only filled half of our apartment with furniture. Lucky for us, we have gotten a TON of hand-me-downs and things are starting to come together.

I am going to wait to document what R claims to be my well decorated bedroom (which don't let me confuse you---I was 100% finished decorating my personal space within the first 3 weeks of moving in. Priorities.).

Until then, some before pictures. (And if you have ever done the NYC apartment hunt, you know that these pictures might not likely do a total justice to the apartment. Not to mention, I am certainly not a photographer and took this pictures before we actually knew the apartment would be ours. So apologies).

Doorway going into my bedroom/bathroom/one roommate's bedroom. The space I am standing in currently is the home to a lonely carpet and a desk without a chair...

A sad half assed picture of my bedroom. You can't see but I have two large windows and 12 foot ceilings. Pretty awesome...

And one of the best parts....2 closests. And don't judge, but they are filled to the brim (with the help of a little organization from the container store's plastic shoe boxes. Yes, I may be anal, I know you're jealous though.)

Unfortunately as far as that space goes, those are all the pictures I have. Perhaps tomorrow I will enlighten you with some pictures of our Do-Jo before the walls went up and furniture was loaded in.



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