Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I love sports, but for some reason I was totally out of the loop for the BCS National Championship last night.

One of my coworkers asked me: "Where are you watching the game tonight??"
To which I responded: "What game? Oh are the Bears playing tonight?"
. . .Oops.

I turned on the game for a few minutes last night and was LOVING Oregon's uniforms.

That, paired with the fact they are the Ducks, made my allegiance with UO. I am well aware this decision was solely based on superficial reasons.

P informed me that the CEO of Nike attended University of Oregon and therefore the Ducks get new Nike uniforms for almost every game AND the players have a say in the design process. Awesomeeee.

Anywho. Alas, the Ducks lost to the Auburn Tigers, but in my mind they were the real winners on the field with those uniforms (LOVE the bright yellow / lime greenish color). HA.



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