Monday, January 24, 2011

Scuba Suit Workout

ACW has had her eye on a Lisa Marie Fernandez bathing suit for a while now. (These unique swimsuits are made of the same material as scuba suits). Priced at $300.00, she clearly was not splurging for this. Last week the one and only Natalie Bandeau Bikini became available on The Outnet and naturally, she went for the kill. The rest went as follows:

The swimsuit arrives to her office.

She brings it Friday night.

Tries the bathing suit on.

Comes out of the bathroom.

Single tear.

The bathing suit bottom is meant for a 1st grader. Seriously. That is no Brazilian cut. It is either a childs bathing suit or a thong. No question about it, adults should not be wearing this bathing suit.

ACW turned back into the bathroom to put her properly sized clothing back on.

The night proceeded with a movie and early sleep.

Fast forward to sunday afternoon. ACW sends herself to the gym at 2:00pm. Does not return home until 5:45pm. So distraught over the sight of her 25 year old body in a 5 year olds swimsuit, she worked her little butt off at the gym for nearly 4 hours.

While this bathing suit will never fit her (or anyone with self respect), I think it has successfully launched the start of a new workout regimine. The scuba suit has put her beach bod workout plan into effect, and ACW is determined to get that suit on her bod in time for hear beach debut!

If the Natalie suit doesn't work as a way to get you to the gym, I don't know what will.



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