Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Red White and Blue

I cannot sit still at work. I leave tomorrow for Newport for the weekend with 15 friends, and cannot stop thinking about it. I still think the week before a vacation should just be time off as well. I might as well have not been in the office this week...

REAL work aside, I did accomplish a lot this week. Most importantly, I compiled my packing list! (I know this sounds totally lame, but I LOVE writing out a packing list. Or any list for that matter. I think I have 4 different ones for this weekend alone). Anyways, this trip is a bit different. Not only did I OBVI want new clothes, but I told my friends that I would wear nothing but red, white and blue all weekend long. This is what I have come up with...

I fell in love with this Rebecca Taylor Printed One Shoulder Dress when I saw my sister, S, wear it to one of our cousins graduations. Naturally I ran over to Saks after work, and had them do a search of S's purchase. Success! Dress was in the mail! Sorry I didn't tell you I bought it, S, but I knew you would be mad! And if you don't read this post, you will be even more mad when you see me wearing it in my facebook pics! Oops! (Sorry, I'm not sorry!). Anyways, got the RED portion of the holiday covered.

Now, on to the white portion. S had this Velvet Dimona Long Dress in navy last year, and I was obsessed with it (sounds like I should just go shopping with S from now on). I purchased it in white. Probs going to rock it with a navy cardigan and some big necklaces, duh.

Lastly, the Blue portion of this national holiday. I LOOOOVE this Rugby Maxi dress (which unfortunately I cannot find online anymore). Def wearing this on the 4th with this equally as awesome necklace that I just made last night. Two words: Red, Coral. Pictures to come.

Nothing says "God Bless America," like a Red, White and Blue wardrobe! Haven't begun to think about the small things that need to miraculously make it into my suitcase by tonight, but I have a feeling those things are on a list on my desk somewhere.



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