Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's packing time.

I head to Charleston bright and early tomorrow morning for L's girls' weekend before her wedding! (Also known as a "Bachelorette Weekend," but honestly, I hate that term. I associate it with hot pink boas and penis straws. Gross.)

We haven't told L ANY details on the trip (don't we all love surprises?!) so all we gave her was a packing list:

- bathing suit(s) & beach cover-up(s)
- 2 nice outfits for dinner
- workout clothes & shoes
- other outfit for walking around, etc.
- pajamas

And that's alllllll she got. Meanwhile, we sent an extensive itinerary to the 11 other girls invited on the trip. Muahaha.

I've obviously been thinking about outfits for the past month, but it's crunch time now. It's time to pack.

Here's what I'm thinking for Friday night.

I really think I will live in my J.Crew Ankle stretch toothpick white jeans this summer. They are absolutely perfect and I love dressing them up and down.

I'm going to pair them with one of my Shoshanna tops.

Shoshanna Floral Print Silk Top

Or my Shoshanna Floral-Print Chiffon Blouse

And my Michael Kors wedges you've seen before.

I really plan on being in a bathing suit during the day as much as possible. Might pack this J. Crew Marin dress to throw on over my suit to walk around the quaint town! Ha.

I am still working on my Saturday night outfit. Definitely wearing a dress. Kinda want to buy a new dress. Oops! Planning on hitting up one of the boutiques by my office after work. . .

I will be sure to divulge deets about the trip when we return. L (obviously!) reads this, so my lips are sealed until we get back. Sorrs!

I am so excited for this trip I can barely concentrate on work! (Clearly.)



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