Friday, June 11, 2010


Whoop whoop! The time has finally come! C&R (and C-Mac) will be reunited in Chi-town! My first trip there since New Years Eve 2006 (that makes me feel old....even though in comparison to C-Mac, im just a babyyyyy).

C-Mac is headed to the Phish concert tonight, where she is planning on wearing a Lilly P "hippie" flower power outfit, sans undies, and is borrowing my Foley and Corinna Mid City Tote, so she can wear it across her body in true hippie form. She also hasn't gotten a hair cut in over 7 months, and decided not to so that in true C-Mac form, her hair could be all over her face in pictures while she is noodling the night away!

While C-Mac is a the concert, running around barefoot, R and I will be galavanting around The Windy City (hopefully not in the rain!).

A full de-briefing will come on Monday (if im not too depressed by my separation from R).

Can't wait to reunite!



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