Thursday, June 3, 2010

cookie monster.

I kind of hate when coworkers bring in food to work. I mean, there are definitely days when I appreciate it (like when I open my yogurt after the due date and find it like with weird bumps on top - see below - and have to text this picture to C and HLR to make sure it's ok to eat. . .then I eat a few bites and it tastes sour so I am thankful for the Dunkin Donuts munchkins that were brought in that morning), but for the most part, I am not a fan.

Here's why: I generally try to eat healthy. (Generally being the key word. . .sigh.) I also generally try to be nice. (Again, key word = generally. Oops.) Put those two together and it's a tough life when my coworkers bring in baked goods ALL.THE.TIME. I just feel bad saying "no thanks!" I also work with several middle-aged women who probs think I'm an annoying 20-something girl who cares too much about what she eats. So, I don't want to sound anorex by turning down their food every time. Therefore, I accept their goodies more often than not.

This morning, the woman who sits next to me brought in iced sugar cookies that looked like little lady bugs. Yes, the little bug cookie looked delish, but no, I did not want a cookie at 8:15 a.m. Butttt I accepted and proceeded to eat it.

Since I was satisfied by my nibbling, I tried to restrain myself from eating more. Didn't work. Accidentally ate off all the lady bug spots and one eye.

Aaaand then I couldn't stop so I ravaged it. And clearly I couldn't throw it away beacuse she sits right next to me so just had to keep on chowin downnn. Dilemma!!

Oh, and don't worry. I documented all of this so I could update C on my cookie status. Is our relationship unhealthy?



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