Friday, June 11, 2010

In case you thought I was kidding....

A real gchat convo between HLR and C-Mac, yesterday:

C-Mac: HI!
HLR: HIii!!
C-Mac: going to the phish concert tomorrow night...
C-Mac: what should i wear no undies obviously
C-Mac: i'm sOOOOO pumped to be a hippie!

Yup. That happened. Seriously, I can guarantee 100% that C-Mac did not pack a single pair of undies. I will confirm this when security has to go through her bag at the airport (C-Mac has not travelled with carry on luggage in a while, and is convinced the TSA is going to confiscate all of her makeup. If there is any underwear in the bag, I will let them know they can confiscate that as well) and I will report ASAP.



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