Sunday, September 26, 2010


Ok so I am guilty as charged. Not only have I been MIA from COTPG, but I have been MIA from GChat all together! My B.

I am in the middle of moving, so have been spending my last 7 days popping Aleve every 4-6 hours and Ambien at roughly 9 pm. Seriously. It has been that stressful. (I have literally (shout out to Rachel Zoe) spoken to R ONCE in the last 7 days. Sorry R, let's try and catch up today perhaps?? Right after I go to Bed Bath and Beyond and purchase a lifetime supply of storage bags and Swiffer pads...)

Now that leases are signed and boxes are packed, the headache should be subsiding (just popped 3 Aleve). Until then, I am going back into hibernation! See you in the spring (kidding).



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