Friday, September 10, 2010


Sunday is P's 25th (eeeek!) birthday and tomorrow night I am throwing him a party!

Invitations went out a few weeks ago via Paperless Post, and yesterday I was busy ordering the food, stocking up on fun napkins, plates, mixers, cute solo cups (ha), appetizers, flowers, balloons (cheesy, I know, but it is a birthday party!)

This party is a BBQ. Now, I don't know about you, but I hate when someone has to slave away at the grill all night for a BBQ, when everyone else is hanging out at the party. No fun. Since I am throwing this thang, I should probs be the one who should man the grill, right? Well, I gave that a big fat NO because I wasn't going to get all sweaty and nasty flipping 50 burgers. And I wasn't going to put P in charge of that either - it's his party after all!

So, we decided to get Smoque to cater the shindig. Smoque is one of the best BBQ places in Chicago and P and his friends happen to LOVE it. Ribs, pulled pork, Texas sausage and (my personal favorite) COLE SLAW are on the menu. See below (and try not to drool).

YUM in my tum.

I'll post some pics once it's all set up tomorrow!! Can't wait.



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