Tuesday, September 14, 2010


P and I are jet setting to Aspen on Thursday for our friends BQD and PMM's wedding!

I am soo pumped. And what better reason to go through my closet (slash buy new clothes. . .oops) to pick out fun outfits, than for a friend's wedding weekend!

Thursday night outfit:

TBD. But will definitely be toting my Foley + Corinna Disco City Bag. It's such a cute little baby bag! Ha.

For Friday night:

Shoshanna Midnight Tie Dye Stripe Tulip Dress. Does this look familiar? Well it should. And BQD is a horrible influence on me.

For Saturday night:

The weather is looking quite good for the weekend. 75 and sunny Thursday - Sunday. . .perf! Low of 44 though. . .eek. Totes throwing in a pashmina and a fleece! With weather like this, I am hoping for a few hikes and bike rides. . .and maybe I can convince P to rent mopeds for an afternoon?!

A friend of mine recommended some great restaurants and bars we are dying to hit up. Ajax, J-Bar, Paradise Bakery, The Sky Hotel, Main Street Bakery, The Wild Fig. . .Ahh can't wait!



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