Monday, March 14, 2011

Mama C: Part Duex

Sorry to those of you that read last years. Got a few repeats. Had to share though--traditions, right? And as you know, St. Thomas is pretty much the only thing on my mind right now, so I figured I might as well copy and paste something I wrote last week. That way I can focus the rest of my energy on day dreaming. (And for the sake of my own well being, I am going to refrain from providing you with the disturbing a crude responses that this email led to--sorry, my friends are vulgar). And BTW, we will miss you, R. Here ya go:

Hola Spring Breakers (can we still call ourselves that??) !!!

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this lovely spring break preparation email! The do's and do not's of SB2K11 (I almost wrote 12...really getting ahead of myself here). I can't even begin to tell you ladies (ha) how excited I am for this trip! It has taken over every thought of my day, and has resulted in me staring at the live beach web cam all day instead of doing work (which don't worry, I checked out around 10 pm last night, and for those of you planning a late night skinny dipping session, you can NOT see the water from the web cam. You CAN, however, see the beach. So AW, when you get out of the water, might be wise to put your dress on instead of just covering the front of your body this time).

While I know almost all of you are veterans, I'll give everyone the low down, for KK’s sake. (Which btw KK, I hope you like the taste of the tropics, because I think C-Mac has a little something up her sleeve for your arrival. Get ready to be hazed.)

Here we go (sorry if there is a bit of overlap from last year, but gotta cover the same points!):

1. CELL PHONES: They work down there. They just cost like $2.00 a minute to talk. BBM is free(for you suckers still rocking the blackberry). Texts are 10 cents a text. This is if you have Verizon. ATT...I'm sure it works down there and I'm sure its about the same cost. Might want to just call and ask. If someone needs to contact you, the phone number to the resort main line is ###-###-###, extension #### (for our condo).

2. CREDIT CARDS: Call your banks and credit card companies. They will undoubtedly put fraud alert on your card if you use it down there, even for the smallest thing. Just let them know you are travelling and when you are coming back. Will avoid a lot of hassle if you don't do this beforehand.

3. MONEY: Most of the bars are cash only, and ALL of the cabs are cash only (not that that is anything different from DC ha). Bars are cheap, cabs are a little pricier. They are shuttles (sniper vans), and charge per person, as you might be riding in the cab with other people. They charge you based on your destination. So dumb, but it is what it is. We will each need $180.00 in cash for the catamaran (that includes tip). On top of that, we are going to need cash for groceries. AW, C-Mac and I will go to the store on the way home from the airport, and the DC girls can pay us back. I am going to bring between $350.00 and $500.00 cash with me. You can leave your money in the safe during the week, and just take it out as you need it. We will likely go out to dinner twice. One night will be more low key, happy hour. And we can do one night at a nicer place! TBD.

4. PASSPORTS: You don't need them, but ML makes me bring mine every time. Those can go in the safe as well.

5. MEALS: ML has once again gone to Costco and purchased a ridiculous amount of food for us. We have the basics for pretty much the whole week taken care of. All we will really need to buy when we get down there is Veggies, Fruit, Milk and Booze. Please let me know if anyone has any requests as to something we should pick up at the store. It might be smart for some people to bring stuff like cereal down there in their suitcases. Random foods get rather pricey and the store isn't in walking distance or anything. If you have requests, speak now or forever hold your peace (or something like that).

6. TOWELS: The beach will supply beach towels for us. As most of you know, the bath towels are a different story. If you could each bring one towel that will stand out, that you can use as your bath towel for the week, that would be great. The tiny ones that they give us can be used for our hair, or soaking up AW’s pee after a wild night at the Fat Turtle. Nobody's judging. We will just be putting you on the air mattress that night...

7. BLACK: I don't think I need the no black rule this year. Quite frankly I am so sick of the color black and it just reminds me of this terrible winter that we have had. So if any of you are foolish enough to want to wear black when you're at the beach, so be it. I will be questioning our friendship however, and you may not be invited back next year...kidding....kinda. I do FULLY support dark navy though! Nautical is in...duh.

8. WORKING OUT: I don't think I need this rule this year either. Nautical may be in, but skinny is SO out.

9. AIRPORT/TRANSPORTATION: NYC Girls: I am going to schedule someone to pick us up at the airport and take us to the grocery store, then to the condo. We will get the keys, etc and then unpack the groceries while we wait for the girls. DC Girls: When you arrive, and get your baggage, you will walk directly outside of baggage claim and there will be a ton of black men standing by vans asking if you want a ride. While your first instinct might be to say "no," take the ride. Tell them where you are going. He will take your luggage and throw it in (or on top of) the van. This will cost $15.00 a person. Not including tip. If he asks you to blow his conch shell, just follow M’s lead.


-We have a hair dryer down there. It's not the most powerful but it gets the job done. I might suggest that at least 2 more people bring one. Any takers? We can't use more than 2 at a time anyways, so no use in having 7 hairdryers down there. And i know everyone is picky about their straighteners, so I won't even bother telling you not to bring yours.

-Sunscreen-bring some. We have some down there but its mainly SPF 50.

-Shampoo, etc-bring some of that too. We have very little left down there.

-AW-you should totally bring those little ipod speakers! That way we can have some upstairs and downstairs. Just a thought.

-I by accident called O's friend that tried to meet up with us last year (I meant to call my parents in the condo). Anyways, he texted me back informing me that he is arriving in St. Thomas on the 19th and doesn't have a charter that week. he works on a chartered boat and does week long trips. He also lives on this boat. He wants to hang out with us, and says he will "give us the hook up." Whatever that means. O said hes a cool kid and we should def hang out with him....and I mean, he has a boat. Why not?

-The Rolex Regatta is this year again. We are absolutely going to the strobe light show so Hawn can pop an addy and take pictures of millionaires yachts.

11. INFORMATION FOR YOUR PARENTS: We all watch the Natalee Holloway story when we were down there last time. Let's make sure our parents know where we are.



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