Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dreaming of the beach

My upcoming trip to St. Thomas has taken over every thought of my life (awake and asleep). This past weekend I had 2 very vivid dreams. It was almost as if they were flash-forwards to what will be taking place in 12 days!

The first dream involved me, C-Mac and HLR having a few too many frozen concoctions during dinner and sneaking out when everyone went to bed (sorry girls). The night continued at Duffy's, and while I woke up before this took place, I am sure there were shot shower's involved! I'm obviously assuming this is an omen for what is to come. And now it is not just HLR's dream to take a shot shower, but mine too apparently!

The next night I had another vivid dream. But this one was not quite as liquor filled as the previous. It was the first day at the beach, and naturally, I wanted to get a nice little bronze going. This is where I go wrong every year. I didn't put enough sunscreen on. And i looked something like this.

I woke up from the dream in a deep sweat. Proceeded to hop in the car and run to the nearest store to pick up the following items:

SkinCeuticals SPF 30 for my face. Gotta keep that skin wrinkle free, so I don't mind spending a bit more for the good stuff.

And some Kiehl's Lip Balm with SPF 15. Nothing worse than blistering lips. And I should know, it happens to me frequently.

And sticking with the blistering theme, I purchased some Clear Zinc for my nose. While you may think that seems a bit extreme, it is not. I am Irish. And it is March. Therefore, my skin is more see through than a costume on Dancing With the Stars. And on top of that, I constantly wear sunglasses when I am in the sun (blue eyes). The reflection of my shades cause a SERIOUS burn on my nose. To the point where I have a permanent line across the arch. So mock me if you will, but I will be rocking some Zinc all day, every day on SB2K11. I can be responsible AND have fun, right?!

And a plethora of products for the rest of the bod. For starters, Bull Frog in both SPF 30 and SPF 50. JUST in case (you can never be too prepared, right?).

And once I've had at least one solid day in the sun, I can star rocking the Coppertone SPORT SPF 15. (Maybe even the afternoon of that first full day...ok maybe not). Love this stuff.

And to those of you going on this trip with me (or have been on a trip to the beach with me in the past), you know this is nothing new. I carry roughly 8 bottles of sunscreen in my Mary Poppins-like beach bag at any given time (along with an array of hair lightening products, but that's for another time). Never know when you're going to run out! And no matter how much I bring with me, or how much/frequently I reapply, I WILL get burnt.



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