Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SB2K11: Beach Bag Edition

I know I have been MIA for the past...weeks (oops, R is probs about ready to send out a search party)....but I really have been super busy. To the point where I leave work and practically go straight to bed. (I even forgot to call H-Ster on her birthday. Shame on me.)

Excuses aside, I have been browsing the internet for the past few months searching for everything and anything that I might want to buy to bring to St. Thomas with me (18 days and counting!). Monday morning I came across a beach bag that has inspired to go on the search for the perfect beach bag (within my price range...which right now is free...but I can make some arrangements if need be).

The bag that inspired the search:

Found on Shopbop...the Cleobella Sirena Raffia Tote. Unfortunately I can't justify spending $165.00 on a straw tote that isn't lined. My mom would be so proud.

So, I found something similar, and much more realistically in my price range. J. Crew's Farmer's Market Tote. $42.50. How could you say "no" to that?!

And then there are always the trustworthy Lands End Canvas Totes. The Signal Flag Tote or the Stripe Medium Open Top Tote. Both only $39.50!

And if I'm really pinching pennies in the next couple of days, Old Navy has a Rope Trim Canvas Beach Tote:

I'm thinking I might settle on the J. Crew Farmer's Market Tote. Thoughts?



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