Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Legitimate Fear.

For Valentine's Day, P told me he was going to send me an Edible Arrangement to my office. I told him I would cry. (Tears of embarrassment.)

Fortunately, he was joking (of course), though the entire day yesterday I was nervous I was going to get a call from the Receptionist saying that I had a special delivery. . .I cringed every time my phone rang.

WELL, P just picture texted me this:

Which obviously made me super nervous. I'm scared he flagged down the truck and asked them to make a pit stop at my office. . .!! I'll keep you posted. . .



1 comment:

  1. I'm back reading your posts, and listen, I said the same thing to my P, and luckily valentine's went by without a delivery. However, this past Friday I get a call from the receptionist downstairs. Oh yes, big birthday balloons and boxes of chocolate covered strawberries delivered to me. mortified.