Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Confessions of a reality TV junkie.

So we all know that I claim to hate reality TV, but truth be told...I LOVE it. I cannot get enough of it. And let's be honest, most shows these days are said to be reality anyways, so I truly can't escape it even if I tried to (which I am not).

Last Thursday I went to turn my TV on, and set the sleep timer (yes, I am one of THOSE people), and my remote control wasn't working. It was at this point that I realized how lazy I truly am (I even BBMed H-Ster as an attempt to justify this...in which she responded with laughter). Anyways, since I realized I couldn't fall asleep to my TV, I would pull up Hulu on my comp and watch something on there. While skipping over a multitude of documentaries and tv shows that involved entirely too much thinking, I settled on The Bachelor Pad. Two minutes in and I knew I was screwed. This show is so bad that it is good. And so good that I can not stop watching it.

For those of you that do not know the details of this fine reality television show, a little background:

Old bachelors/bachelorettes are chosen to live in one bedroom together (picture luxury sleepaway camp), and compete to win $250,000.00. This is where the grade A television comes into play. These aren't just any competitions. They include Twister, a pie eating contest, and last night's real toughie, a kissing contest. Oh, and to real throw people for a loop, the men vote the women off and the women vote the men off. If you do not understand where I am going with this, let me put it simply for you. The entire show is a hottness/popularity contest. And it is HILARIOUS. Not to mention these men are not half bad to look at for 2 hours on Monday night (yes, 2 hours).

If I haven't sparked your attention yet, maybe some pics of these washed up bachelors will entice you to turn on ABC next monday at 8pm EST (and please remember 95% of this show takes place poolside)...

David Good
, from The Bachelorette Season 5.

Jesse Kovacs, also from the Bachelorette Season 5. (Who is dating Elizabeth Kitts from Bachelor Season 14-who is hands down the most attractive girl on the show. But I just try and ignore that, because she is a raging biatch)

And last but CERTAINLY not least, Jesse Beck from Bachelorette Season 6. Hands down the cutest guy on the show. I would most definitely overlook the massive amount of tats to be with this guy. And a shout out to C-Mac: he's from MO!

And if these guys aren't your type, there's always The Weatherman from this past season with Ali. Whatever floats your boat.

Unfortunately I watched 2 episodes yesterday, and I'm all caught up. So, until next Monday!



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