Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Products that make life easier

Thank you, Daily Candy, for the email this AM, with your thoughts on "Travel Tricks of the Trade."

Without that email, I would been travelling this coming weekend with such anxiety, as I would not have thought to purchase myself some Stick on Pocket Squares....Now I can keep all of my valuables safe, and stuck to my body when travelling! Nothing like hopping out of the car after a long road trip with sticky glue stuck to your chest!

And if it weren't for this lovely morning email, I would not have come across my new favorite online shop, Solutions.

This lovely website has enlightened me on all of the great things I can buy to make my life easier.

For starters, they suggested I check out the Secret Stash. I'm thinking I don't need to bring a purse out to the bar anymore! I'll just shove my hand into my clevage and pick out my dolla dolla bills.

And if you aren't satisfied with your purchases yet, perhaps the Go Girl or the Subtle Butt might do the trick...

The Go Girl is for the OCD traveller in all of you. You will never have to sit on a toilet seat again!

And the Subtle Butt is described as: "soft-fabric, odor neutralizer pads absorb any smells that are accidentally released." So instead of having self control, just rip one and let the sandpaper placed in your lace panties cover it up for ya!

Anyone else starting to wonder if Daily Candy scoped Solutions before sending out that email? Maybe it's just me...



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