Thursday, August 26, 2010


Have you ever checked out Fly Through Our Window?

Well, you should. For a few reasons.

1.) Darby might be the coolest blogger ever.

2.) Her family is adorable.

3.) She takes great photos.

4.) The whole fam cooks.

5.) She started a t-shirt company for kids.

6.) Her son is named Rover. ROVER. That might be the cutest name I have EVER heard for a boy. And I'm all about names. Words cannot describe how adorbs this boy is.

So go check out Fly Through Our Window and see for yourself.




  1. Hey R... I laugh out loud every day to yall's posts, so thanks. :) You are hilarious. I think the "Saks" are my fave. Anyways...

    I died when I saw your post today - Darby and I went to Auburn together and are sorority sisters. She IS amazing, and you were right about five things. However, #6 is incorrect. "Rover" is John Martin's nickname. Cutest nickname ever, right?? :)

  2. i love her site...her new shop is darling.