Monday, August 30, 2010

I'd give up my left boob.

I joked this morning that I would give my left boob to go back to college. While we all know that is not true, I cannot help but contemplate what I would give up in my life to rewind 6 years and be starting my first day of college classes today. Yes, I am still in denial that I have graduated.

I went to help move my sister into her senior apartment (aka glorified dorm) this past weekend. Of all the times I have gone back to visit this small midwest college that I spent four amazing years of my life, this is the time I have dreaded returning to the real world the most.

So, as I post this at 12:30 on Monday afternoon, sitting at my desk in NYC, my sister is sitting down at her first class of the day, surrounded by her friends, and probably didn't even bring a writing utensil to class.

Contemplating cutting off a finger to go back to the glory days? Thought so.



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