Thursday, August 12, 2010

I love my handwriting. And so does L.

My sister L's wedding is SO soon! Just 9 days away. . .ahhhH! I am SO freaking excited, and was even more excited for the big weekend when L asked me to write all the names on the placecards for the rehearsal dinner. What an honor!

Don't laugh - I'm totally serious. I really do feel honored to be doing this. A few reasons:

1. I like writing. I like writing my name, notes, letters, anything.

2. I like my handwriting. (I know that sounds a little vain, but, I mean, it is pretty good. . .haha. But honestly not as amazing as C's handwriting! Sidenote: C sent me a birthday card in July and I literally called her immediately after opening it to compliment her on the amazingness of her handwriting. I'm a lahoooserrrr.)

3. I love pens. I will be sure to pack my all-time favorite pens next week: Paper Mate Flair Point-Guard Porous Point Pens. The.Absolute.Best.

There is SO much to be excited about for next week / weekend - even the little things like writing placecards.



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  1. I looooove flair point pens, I miss being in school for the sole purpose of getting to buy school supplies.