Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Darty Dresses

I've been on the hunt for the perfect (although at this point I will accept less than perfect) dress for my sister's graduation. Anyone that knows ML knows that there will be a LOT of pictures taken of S in her cap and gown (or whatever lovely frock she is wearing under it). And with pictures of S, come pictures of C and L. I am trying to prepare myself. I am also trying to remind myself that my graduation was 900 degrees and in a gym. So I need to prepare for the worst.

That being said, I figured I would check out Saks (!) for some dresses since the have F&F coming up! So, I go to the dresses section and filter to view "Day Dresses." Only to realize that there must be some crazy events going on during the day while I am sitting at my desk Monday-Friday and day drinking in dive bars Saturday and Sunday. Seriously. What are the people working and shopping at Saks getting dressed up for?! Not only do I not think ANY of these dresses should be worn during the day, some of them might not even be street legal.

My thoughts?

If it's shiny (and not because the sun is out), then take it off.

If you could be mistaken for a call girl, throw it out.

And if it looks like something you might wear with a matching thong on your honeymoon, then do just that and ONLY that.

And even if it's Lilly P, the rules still apply. Sequins should be worn at night.

And if you are going to wear a black beaded dress during the day, please let it be at a funeral and only a funeral.

What happened to sun dresses?!



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