Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adios Winter Blues.

I can't stop spending these rainy days browsing the internet for spring clothing. I am so sick of the dark winter colors, and can't wait for the transition from black to navy. I have my mind set on buying a pair (or two) of blue wedges. The color goes with everything, so I figure it will be a solid investment (duh).

Shoes in the running (which I won't be doing while wearing them):

Ann Taylor's Georgina Wedge:
Theodora & Callum's Blue Navajo Linen Biarritz Espadrille (I'm literally obsessed with everything in this line):

Kate Spade's Malania Wedge:

And lastly, Tory B's Elastic Espadrille.

SUCH hard decisions. I think I might have to start by keeping my budget in mind...which as well all know, is a whopping max of free. That being said, I will probably splurge and buy the Tory B's. Oops.



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