Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quotes that will go down in history.

Another day, another GChat quote from C.

C: it smells like church incense in here

C: we have 432 friends in common

C: my couisin is legit one of the prettiest people i know
like naturally with no makeup or anything

C: omg the radiator behind me is making all sorts of noises

C: when i worked out a lot, i had a lot more money because i spent my time working out instead of shopping

C: ugh i think i have to work a full day
im really pissed off

C: i was too busy stuffing my face with cheese

C: omg my cousin is so pretty
i just dont even understand it

C: michael buble is playing outside of saks right now
i should go

C: i had a dream last night about the GREAT business plan
but i cant remember what it was

C: i dont know what im asking for for christmas
i just made a list
with nothing on it
it just says CHRISTMAS LIST
(in red of course)

C: oh man
these peoples parents must have been stoned when they named their kids
i want a new black bag

C: college was awesome

C: i just got 3 of the same email from amazon

C: oh no
gene is eating an apple

C: i want to move out west

C: im totally leaving at 450
i cant stay til 5

C: weird last year presidents weekend and valentines day fell at the same time

C: i just dialed 911 by accident...

C: hey
it smells like a diaper in here

C: what time is it in detroit right now

C: its been a coldddd winter
more people get pregnant in the winter i think

C: im sitting here with my socks up to my knees and no uggs on
zebra socks

C: someone with a california area code just called me

C: ugh i just gave myself a papercut

C: whennnn is the new jcrew stuff coming to stores/online
R: i dont knowww!
C: dont worry
chatting with an online jcrew specialist to ask them

C: my joints are so tightttt right now

C: fuck i have to do some work

my neck is so sore
and im so hungry
i could eat my desk

C: i just got offended when someone asked me to do work
god forbid i do my job

C: im trying to do like a thousand things
obviously none work related

C: i hate when you call someone and they dont answer
and you just have to sit and wait for them to call you back
its such bs

C: just dealing with the chaos of my life
R: oh man what now
C: trying to figure out what i want to do during lunch vs after work



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