Friday, April 1, 2011


P and I are always looking for what we call "in-between" dinner spots for weeknight dates. We don't want to go somewhere uber fancy on a Thursday night, but we also don't want to chow on bar food during the week. This is why we tend to find ourselves at DMK more often than not. It really is THE perfect in-between spot. P is headed on a golf trip today, so we made plans to grab dinner together last night. My coworker recommended a new spot up in Lakeview / Wrigley area and P and I decided it's definitely going into our in-between rotation.

Blokes & Birds.

We started out with the baked mac & cheese (YUM) and then I went for the special stew for the evening - pulled pork and hatched green chile. P tried the Bloke's Burger (cheddar, drambuie onions, malt vinegar aioli and lettuce) with a side of truffle fries. Sooo good.



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  1. Try GT Fish...they are taking reservs now and it be be real good...