Monday, May 9, 2011

A sad day for morning TV.

I wake up every morning and put on NBC. The Today Show is what gets me motivated in the AM. A little recap of the news I missed from the day before, and some witty banter between the co-hosts. This morning I turned the TV on a little late (as in I pressed snooze 15 times before actually getting up), and right as I did, Meredith announced her upcoming departure from my morning schedule. RUDE.

I wasn't THAT attached to M, and I have nothing against Ann Curry, but I really don't like change. I might cry during M's last episode (kinda like I did during Michael's last episode). I don't do well with goodbye's.

Thank God M claim's she will be at the show every morning anyways....right next to Linny....

I guess I will just have to accept the facts and get used to waking up with AC every morning.



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