Tuesday, May 17, 2011

C's Spring/Summer Travels

I think I am getting a stomach ulcer from thinking about the upcoming trips I have (and the lack of amount of time I will be spending in my apartment that I pay a ridiculously high amount to live in). Starting next weekend (slash starting back in February), I will be out of New York more than I am in New York. Those of you that know me probably don't find this as a surprise. I like to travel. Duh?

10 Days Until:

24 Days Until (C&R...and HLR and C-Mac, reunite!):

32 Days Until (for this): (and although this is technically in New York, I consider it travelling because we have to take a train AND a boat to get there....)

45 Days Until:

71 Days Until:

78 Days Until:

Don't hate me 'cause you aint me.



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