Monday, May 16, 2011

Coming Full Circle

Back in the day, SDE and S (S squared?) walked for the first times in gap and gown for their pre-school graduation (yes, caps and gowns at a pre-school graduation. Don't judge, I did it too). And in the last 24 hours, the two of them have once again put on those outfits (a bit larger versions I hope), to accept their final diplomas.

Congrats to S on completing what seemed like the quickest 4 years ever (even though you would rather be sitting in your stinky dorm room right now). I swear you were a freshman yesterday....

And SDE, who couldn't get out fast enough, as he (im)patiently awaits his days walking the streets of the Big Apple.

I am so pround of both of you (and ECQ) and can't wait for the fam to take the Big Apple by storm!



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