Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Winter's Night at Lillie's

KS and I checked out Lillie's Q in Bucktown for dinner last night and oh my gosh it is adorable. With it's gorgeous wood bar and cozy feel, it was the perfect place to spend what felt like the first night of REAL winter in Chicago.

KS and I were saying that this space would be a great spot for a party - birthday, holiday, whatever. It's small enough to rent out the entire place without being overwhelmed, yet big enough to have a buffet and some space to mingle.

I loved that our waters and beers were served in Ball jars - so cute! And even the check came in little baby Ball jars. (I am weirdly obsessed with small things. . .CP can attest to that.)

Our night started off with fried pickles and a Ball jar full of Lillie's Q Brew. My roommate E turned me on to fried pickles a few months ago and I can't resist ordering them when I see them on a menu. . .ugh E! ! ! Ha. We then shared a plate of pulled pork, tri-tip (steak) and a hot link with a side of coleslaw. There are 5 sauces on the table - so you can dress your meats anyyy way you want - I went for the Carolina Gold.

On a BBQ kick apparently. Not complaining.



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