Monday, December 13, 2010

ECQ > TSwift

Ok so that might be a little extreme since T Swift appears to be practically perfect, but ECQ is indeed greater than T Swift in age!

My little sidekick finally turned 21 yesterday (and as a result managed to skip her presentation this AM)!!!! She no longer has to pretend to be C when strolling the bars of Raleigh, NC (which she apparently benefited from on my birthday as she drank free that night...).

And courtesy of her mother and friends (via facebook), a little glimpse into how much she has matured in the last 21 years...

She has graduate from Sesame Street bday hats....

To PBR knit hats....and looks like she may have downed a few of said drink previous to taking this picture!

Happy Bday ECQ! Hope you make it to the rest of your classes today....



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