Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Do we really have to wait until January 24??

Even though I started GG last night 25 minutes into the show (ahem, thanks, C. . .), I still found Daily Intel's take on the show hilarious.

A few favorites from their recap:

• Blair doesn’t know how to drive. Plus 10.

• Serena, to Juliet: “And then you just left me for dead, in a motel room? Why, because of Nate? Or Colin?”
Juliet: “No, you stupid bitch, because you destroyed my brother’s life!” Plus 10, because how many people on this show have been wanting to call Serena a stupid bitch and haven’t?

• Chuck: “Good-bye, friends, Dan.” Plus 1.

• In an amazing triumph of set design, Lily is in a picture over Chuck’s left shoulder wearing the EXACT dress and earrings — and hairdo — she is wearing at the moment of the confrontation. No points, but, wow. I noticed this last night too and immediately texted C. I mean come ON, GG. Get it together.

• Serena's impassioned speech to Lily about how she put the wrong man in prison is undercut by her cameltoe. Minus 2.

HLR missed the show too and she has asked that we watch the episode upon her arrival in Chicago on Friday. So happy she's traveling 758 miles to watch a DVR'd CW drama. . .HA.



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