Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Customer Feedback: Product Inquiry

EJB has the pleasure of receiving the customer service emails in her inbox at work. While this might seem a bit irritating, I think it may be what gets her through her day. I too have the pleasure of receiving these emails in my inbox, as she immediately forwards the more hilarious ones to me. One of the most recent emails:

Subject: Customer feedback - Product Inquiry

Customer feedback

First Name:Johnny

Last Name: Poopoopants


topic: Product Inquiry

Message: I was wondering if you guys sold buttplugs. I heard there was anemporium at your store where they came in all shapes and sizes. I amlooking for a blue one; however, would be okay with a red one. Vibratorsacceptable as well. Just anything to tingle my butthole.

Thanks. Bye

EJB also has a weird facination with anything having to do with poop, so the fact that the email is coming from Johnny Poopoopants makes it all the more better.



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